"My name is Rebecca, and I'm a Small Business Addict"

I’m also a BAS Agent who specialises in helping owners re-connect with their Businesses through best practice bookkeeping, financial interpretation and small business mentoring.  I’m also passionate about being involved in my business community, building and maintaining connections and nurturing relationships with my peers and associates and ensuring people feel supported in their businesses.

I’ve worked for, and in, small businesses all my life. My roles have varied between accounts management, administration, bookkeeping, property management, HR and financial advisory services.

I began my working career as business trainee with a family owned Finance Broking firm in Albury, NSW (a very long time ago!) and it is within this role that I believe I developed a love of numbers and financial analysis, both for the purposes of assessing the current and future performance of a business and to understand its needs.

I started my first business, Meticulously Managed Bookkeeping Services in November 2013 after experiencing the negative effects of working for businesses with poor ethics, poor financial management and no values. I swore I would never again put myself in that position and began working for myself and onboarded only those clients who saw the value in having a knowledgable advisor at their fingertips and who were serious about running their businesses.

After 5 years I realised that MMBS was indeed providing a premium bookkeeping and BAS service however, those things alone are not enough to help save a small business in our current economy. Even though I embraced as much automation as possible, and thrived on having built a 100% cloud business that I could run remotely from anywhere; I began to understand that people needed people as much as they needed immaculate books and streamlined systems.

In 2016 my husband and I decided to go our separate ways after 17 years in partnership and marriage, a truly devastating time of my life.
The business model I had built served me well, despite my struggles with mental health, it continued to grow steadily with the 2 team members I had on board while I tried to hold it together and attend to the bare minimum required to keep the business afloat.

After spending another year in Perth trying to build a new life for myself, I decided that I’d had enough and began making plans to move back to Wodonga (Victoria). I was going home where I knew there was both opportunity and community waiting for me.  I arrived back in Wodonga in January 2018, shortly followed by my two sausage dogs, Sassie & Snickers, and settled back into regional living and a much colder climate! (The sausages were less than impressed)

Despite having built (and relocated) a successful cloud bookkeeping business, I was still alone and not interacting with my community, with my peers or with new prospective clients. It was a massive turning point in my life when I realised that I was holding myself back through fear of putting myself out there.

I had become disconnected from my business, my purpose and my why. Those things no longer served me because the life I had HAD no longer existed.
And it took me 12 months to realise it. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. Talk about a slap in the face with a wet fish.

As the saying goes, I pulled up my big girl panties and began to work on myself. Because ultimately, it all starts with me – I had to accept that my current situation was as a result of everything I had done up to this point in my life. I took full responsibility for my actions, and inactions.

I engaged the services of two amazing life coaches who gave me some cold hard truths but also the skills and support I needed to turn my life around.
I engaged a Mentor (who I swear secretly wants to smother me with a pillow some days) to help hold me accountable and in check with the business.

I embraced being vulnerable, admitted my shortfalls and asked for help

Once I reached out and connected with like minded people in my community – things started to turn around. I got clearer on my why and my purpose. I became happier, less anxious, calmer, more compassionate and empathetic. I became authentic, self aware and grateful for everything I have in my life.
And I wanted to help other business owners do the same. It all starts with us.

I leased a little office and have turned it into a gorgeous sanctuary that is welcoming and nurturing. I absolutely adore going in each day (the sausages normally accompany me on a Friday morning) and love that I am with other people, working on connections and rewarding relationships and feeling fulfilled in the work that I do with my Clients. I may still keep a pair of slippers under my desk – but have stepped out of the active wear and back into a suit.

I embrace automation in our industry purely for the purposes of freeing up MY time, so I can spend it on nourishing the business relationships and connections I make here on a daily basis. People need people, we need connections, relationships, a sense of belonging and of not being alone in our businesses.  THIS is how we build better communities and stronger economies.

I recently posted a blog on Mental Health in Small Business after participating in a panel discussion as part of Xero’s Refresh in June 2019.  I encourage you to have a read.

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my story. If you or anyone you know needs help and support in their business that is more wholehearted and less clinical, please encourage them to get in touch, I’ll buy the coffee.

And if you or anyone you know is suffering from mental health issues, please reach out to Beyond Blue for assistance

Would you like to work with me?