Congratulations on expanding your Team!

So we can get your new staff member onboarded to your payroll system, can you please complete this form with as much detail as possible.  If informaton is not provided in full, we are not able to load your new staff member or include then in your next payrun.
New ATO TFN Declarations can be completed Online – please ensure your new staff member has completed this form and provided you with a copy. (You don’t have to use those awful carbon duplicates anymore!)
These can also be lodged directly from the ATO site however, can also be lodged when we setup your new staff member in Xero.
You will also need to have their full Superannuation Details on hand, including Super Fund, USI/ABN and their Member Number.
We encourage all data to be on hand as not having some information will result in delays in payroll process or superannuation batching.
Also please check which Award you pay your staff under so we can add to the system.If you encounter any issues in completing this form, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
If you’re beginning to feel that your team is getting a little big to manage just using Xero, drop us a line to discuss the options that are available by using an AddOn system such as Deputy, Tanda or TSheets.

3. New Employee Form

There are four sections to this Form. It must be completed in one go as there is no facility to save and come back to it.
  • Your Details

    This data will link your form submission to our database, recording this information in your secure file.
  • If you are unsure; please use the Modern Award finder on the Fair Work site:
    Is Leave Loading applicable to your staff's Annual Leave?