Appointment Management with Timely

Do you run a business where appointment bookings are integral to your business? In this day and age where many people are time poor and always on the go, having a reliable system in place to streamline your appointment scheduling system can make or break your business.

That’s where Timely comes in. We think this appointment scheduling software is ideal for salons and alternative therapy businesses, but really it can be used in any business where you need to book appointments with clients. Timely claims that it’s full of wonderful features that will help smooth out your business and life – and we’re inclined to agree!

Like Cliniko, you can manage multiple locations, both fixed and mobile, and you can set up all your staff schedules on the system too. You can then see everyone’s schedules and make sure that there are no clashes or overlaps at any time.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of Timely.


Not only can you store client information in Timely, but you can make notes to keep track of things like their preferences, allergies and whether the turn up to their appointments or if they are no-shows.

You can also track their sales history so you can easily remember to check with them if they love the products they buy or whether you need to recommend a different one. You can also flag them as VIPs if you’d like to give them some extra special treatment every time they come in.


If you haven’t got the time or the budget to create your own website yet, Timely offers the handy option to create your own mini website in your account. Clients will be able to book an appointment online, purchase gift vouchers and find your business information.

Timely also integrates with your Facebook page and your MailChimp account so you can keep your customers up to date with your latest news and information via these channels as well.


As a service based business, keeping your customers in the loop when it comes to their appointments, special offers and personal communications is crucial to your success. That’s why Timely has incorporated some fabulous text messaging options to do just this.

You’re able to send automated appointment reminders, send bulk text messages to let clients know about special offers or last minute availabilities, as well as send individual messages to clients when needed.

Online Bookings

In this digital age, having the ability for clients to book their own appointments with you online is essential. With Timely, clients can do just this and you can set the staff, services and available times they can choose from. You can accept all bookings automatically or set it so you can manually accept or decline bookings as they come in.

There’s also the facility to take payments online at the time of booking which is great for cash flow. The booking process is completely customisable from the wording throughout the steps to the colour themes on each page so you can use your brand colours, making the process feel like it’s a part of your business and not a generic plugin.


With a point of sale system built in to Timely and online invoicing available with the functionality to easily chase unpaid invoices, you can save time on unnecessary paperwork and hopefully get paid a whole lot quicker.

It also integrates with Xero, providing additional convenience in streamlining your processes.

We’re passionate not only about your bookkeeping, but also about streamlining your business to make sure that your time is well spent – with your customers and not doing unnecessary admin.

If Timely sounds like the kind of appointment scheduling software that will help you run a more efficient business, call Us today on 0430 599 510 or contact us online.