Case Study – Excel to Xero

About a year ago, we had the pleasure of moving a client over to Xero – she had been using Excel to keep track of her sales and expenditure and while a very savvy operator and smart with her finances, that system just wasn’t enough to help her in managing cashflow and planning for her future or the future of the business.

Providing services in the Beauty Industry, most of her time was taken up in treating her clients, and the more time she spent on her spreadsheets and trying manage finances, the less time she had to see paying customers.

Also a strong believer in work life balance, she didn’t want to be slaving away on her data on the weekends when she could be out with her partner or travelling the world (which she does once a year).

Her requirements were relatively straight forward, we were able to setup a new Xero file for the business, customised it with relevant income accounts that related to the services that she offered and ensured that those expenses she wanted to keep an eye on were itemised and easily visible by being pinned to her dashboard.

The business operated from a home based clinic and all clientele came to her, advertising is primarily through word of mouth and a touch of facebook marketing.  There are no employees and a simple sole trader entity to manage.

We took on management of the accounts for her and established an account with HubDoc so she was able to send in her bills and receipts electronically using the App on her phone – remember we strive to ensure that we have accurate LIVE data available for all of our clients and these systems are all included in our monthly service fee.

Quickly falling in love with the ability to just Snap and Send her receipts to us, she quickly became one of our favourite clients as she is so pro-active and embraces outsourcing painful tasks in her business.  Her file is fully reconciled every week.

We’re thrilled to see her business grow through the reconciliations that we carry out on a weekly basis for her and having recently liaised with her Accountant, hear first hand how much easier it is for them to implement tax strategies for her business.

Now that her data is highly accurate and up to date every week, we’re working with the client to draft and move towards business expansion and the plotting of goals and objectives to build her dream salon.

Having that data allows us to help the client with cashflow forecasts, budgets, money management and tracking of financial goals – all with her end goal in sight.

If YOU are still trying to manage your finances using a spreadsheet, feel out of control, don’t see yourself moving towards your goals, please Get In Touch and we can discuss how a move to Xero may help!



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