Job Management with Service M8 for Tradies

If you’re a tradie, you know that keeping track of all your quotes, jobs, staff, calendar and appointments is no mean feat. Some people stick with their old faithfuls like Word and Excel for their invoicing and financial management, but what if we told you there was a much simpler solution?

With Service M8, you can get to grips with all your internal processes using their fantastic job management software designed specifically for tradies.

Service M8 has heaps of great and useful features, such as being able to access job details, keep track of your staff at all times – where they are and where they need to be – dispatch jobs and create invoices and quotes on the road.


You won’t ever need to go back to the office in order to draw up a quote again – with Service M8 you can simply create the quote while you’re at the customer’s property. You can create your own personalised checklists and items that you regularly quote for, so you don’t even have to type items in – simply pick them from a drop down list instead.

Once the quote is done, you can email it as a PDF to the client while they’re still with you. This is one of the best ways to save time on admin and ensure you’re spending your time attending to clients and jobs instead of stuck in your office.

Job Acceptance

With Service M8, when you email a quote, clients have the option to simply click a link and accept your quote. You can also set up a built in question form to give clients a super easy way to clarify any information before you proceed. No more hanging around and waiting for responses, or having to constantly chase up quoted jobs.


When it comes to scheduling work, you can click and drag jobs to the staff member you choose – no need for phone calls to co-ordinate schedules or old school paper diaries – it’s all there in the app and available for all staff to check 24/7. If any changes are made to the schedule, staff will get instant notifications, so no more excuses of not being told of an update to their schedule! The app will even remind you when it’s time to leave for the next job and is clever enough to take into account travel time you need to allow to get there.


One of the biggest headaches for all tradies is the time it can take for customers to pay your invoices. Service M8 makes is ridiculously easy for clients to pay you. You can choose to email an invoice with a link to an online card payment portal, or you can take payment on site there and then using the app. The app allows mobile credit card processing – no need for a POS system or Wi-Fi, simply enter the details and the transaction will be processed there and then.


Communication with customers is integral and the Service M8 app has recognised that by incorporating some excellent communication tools. You can send emails and text messages to customers right from the app. With all their job and quote details attached to their customer record, you’ll never have to waste time finding their quote or invoice. You can also set up customised email and text templates that can auto-fill with the relevant client information – how intuitive is that?


Best of all, if you ever lose your online connection, you can keep working in the app, and when you’re back online, it will automatically sync and make your updates live.

If this sounds like a job management system that your business would benefit from, Call Us today on 1300 590 040 or contact us online.

We love helping tradies, not only with their bookkeeping, but we’re passionate about streamlining your business to make sure that your time is well spent – with your clients and not in the office!