Point of Sale & Inventory Management Solutions – Vend

Vend is a Point of Sale, Inventory Management and Customer Loyalty software for iPad, Mac & PC.

It’s quickly becoming one of THE most popular, cloud based POS management systems used in retail, and even hospitality industries.

A wholly cloud based system, with a backup of Offline syncing (if the wifi goes out) which can be used from any device that has access to a browser.

Sign in and work from anywhere, view your sales reports, product reports, check in on the staff sales for the day/week/month if you’re not active in the business and keep an eye on your sales performance.

Seamless integration with Xero allows your record keeping and daily sales to be kept up to date and managed autonomously (there’s some more time you can spend on something else!) and integration with a number of other platforms makes life so much easier!

There are options for multi-locations, so if you have 2 or more stores, you can sync additional registers to your main account and extract useful reporting from comparative sales data.

Vend also has a number of nifty integrations for eCommerce and online sales, managing stock levels and invoicing as customers buy from you online.  Vend also has it’s own eCommerce store, so if you’re setting up a new retail venture, you could roll these aspects into the one platform (or use Shopify! It integrates as well!)

Vend allows you to keep all of your customer information in one place, maintaining their purchase history, loyalty details, gift cards, returns and you can even create customer groups to enable better insights into your VIP base.  Sync account sales with Xero and keep on top of your lay-bys.

Inventory is managed brilliantly with the ability to send your suppliers purchase orders direct from the system (after a few clicks to add stock you’re low on) and then update your inventory with the click of a button on receipt of your order, invoice details can then be synced straight through to Xero.

Vend allows you to build composite products and have multiple variables of products, further enhancing their all-in-one inventory management features.

The system integrates with Deputy –  a cloud based all-on-one employee scheduling & management platform.  You can connect these two systems with just a few clicks to gain greater insight into sales trends and labour metrics.  You can then use Deputy to schedule staff based on Vend’s sales data.  Drop us a Line if you’d like to learn more about Deputy! (we LOVE it and our Clients do too!)

As Timely partners, we are also a fan of the Vend – Timely integration which allows you to have better stock management and inventory control (Timely’s inventory is not as advanced as Vend’s) for your salon.

Overall, we couldn’t recommend a better POS system for our retail clients who need inventory management!

If you’d like to have a chat about getting Vend setup for your Business, please Get in Touch!