Rainy Day and Self Care

It’s a fabulous rainy Sunday here in Perth, I’ve been down to the Fruit & Veg market and picked up my veggies for the week, visited the bakery and grabbed a loaf of bread and a pack of little dinner rolls that will be PERFECT for the big batch of soup I’m making.

Why am I sharing this I hear you ask? It’s about getting organised for what I know is going to be a very busy, somewhat stressful period, and those are the times that I throw myself into the lives of my clients and their businesses, and I forget about little old me and mine and end up eating toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner because there is nothing else (and the dogs might get a crust if they’re lucky).

So today I hope to spend cooking up a storm with Vegetable & Lentil Soup, Sausage Rolls, Shepherds Pie & a Lamb Casserole. I’ll freeze half the loaf of bread to save for lunchtime toasted sandwiches (stops it going to waste by going stale then – we don’t eat a lot of bread) and freeze portions of the meals to save for future dinners and lunches when I simply don’t have the time, inclination or energy to prepare a cooked meal.

Managing a business is so much more than Managing the business. You also need to be able to manage your work/life balance, ensure you are healthy and at your optimal levels of functionality.  In order to spread myself amongst my clients, I need to be organised, sharp and have my wits about me at all times.  I need to fuel my body and my mind, I need to be prepared for the day ahead and not have to worry about what’s for dinner – as it’s already there!

So if you’re struggling for time to throw together a decent home cooked (and much cheaper than dining out!) meal, do a bulk cookup once a fortnight, or even once a month if your freezer will allow it!  Having those emergency meals there can help reduce stress in peak times because dinner is one less thing you have to worry about!