The Grow Package

Cashflow is King in small business, whichever way you want to look at it.  Sadly, money DOES make the wheels go around and if you don’t keep a close eye on it, you’re likely to run into some pretty big issues in your business.

Setting cashflow targets and regularly monitoring your actual cashflow against your forecast (budget) will enable you to predict large outflows and respond to changes in your business – before they become an issue (i.e. you run out of money and can’t afford to pay your Suppliers, let alone draw a wage for yourself)

The Grow Package rolls all of your bookkeeping and compliance into a single package with monthly cashflow reporting, annual forecast establishment, management reporting and performance reporting.  Providing you with a suite of services and valuable data to use in assessing the progress of your Business.

Key Benefits of Cashflow Management

Assists with bank lending requirements.

Identify ways to avoid late payment penalties and interest from suppliers.

Improved communication and stronger relationships with your financiers and suppliers.

Gain an understanding of cash and liquidity for better decision making.

Understand the key cashflow drivers and the Cash Conversion Cycle in your business.

Ability to predict and plan for large cash outflows.

Learn to monitor your actual cashflow against forecast in your accounting or reporting software.

Peace of mind that your cashflow needs are known and properly funded.

Improved business processes that maximise cashflow, profit and business value.

Drive your business to achieving your goals in a controlled and managed way.

How to get started....

Get In Touch and book in for a complimentary chat about what you’re looking for.  We’ll get to know each other a little and discuss a bit of an overview of your business and we’re your at in your journey.  After this, we’ll get you to complete a Needs Analysis which is a deep dive into your business and will provide us with insights into major areas you need support in.

Once we have reviewed your responses we’ll prepare a proposal for you and book you in for a deep dive session to talk about the issues we’ve picked up and the services that may most benefit you.

On commencement of this service, we’ll take some time to talk about the areas of your business that you’re concerned about or wish to monitor.  We’ll also take a look at any current budgets or cashflow forecasts you have on hand, and with your goals in mind, ensure we’re monitoring those areas of value to you and keeping an eye on key metrics.

Setting up this package will also involve a full review and possible renovation of your current Xero file to ensure that all settings are optimised for integration with our reporting platforms.  

Ready to get your Business Under Control?