Packaged Services

Consistency is key in all walks of life; in business it’s particularly important to be consistent in the management of your accounts and finances to ensure you’ve got your finger on the pulse and can plan for the future, both business and personal.

Nourish understands that as a small business owner, you get to wear all the hats and they take up a lot of your valuable time!  So we designed packaged services to help support you in being consistent in the management of your finances and to build strong foundations in best practice business management; ensuring the longevity and sustainability of your business.

After we’ve run through a detailed Needs Analysis for you and your Business, we’ll be able to put forward a service proposal with a fixed, monthly fee that offers peace of mind knowing your accounts are looked after reguarly and you’re meeting your obligations as a small business owner.

Nourish Package - Sprout

You’re new to business and not sure you’re getting your books right or it’s just all too time consuming and you’d rather outsource your compliance work to a trained professional so you can focus on doing the things you really enjoy in your business.

The Sprout Package covers bank reconciliations, GST, expense classification, digital records management, overall business bookkeeping and your BAS.

You’re in a position where you want to begin to understand your business and keep your finger on the pulse of your finances.

Gain peace of mind by outsourcing your compliance work (which includes those services in our Sprout Package) and back that up with with the addition of Monthly Management and Quarterly Performance reports to help you to fully understand and interpret your numbers.

Nourish Package - Grow

Ready to grow your business? Feeling somewhat stuck in how to finance your next growth phase?

The Grow Package rolls of of your bookkeeping and compliance into a single package with monthly cashflow reporting following setup of your annual forecast, monthly management reports and  performance reports – providing you with a suite of services and valuable data to use in assessing the progress of your Business.

Three key areas need to be managed in order to drive your business to success and achieve your goals in a controlled and managed way; Goal Setting, Cashflow Management and Accountability.

The Thrive package includes the preparation and maintenance of a 12 month Cashflow Forecast; preparation of a 12 month Business Plan, Monthly Accountability coaching and management of your Bookkeeping & Compliance work.

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