Xero for Tradies

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This video demonstrates the simplicity Xero can bring to the life of a tradesman.

We all know how busy Tradies are, running around from job to job, on the phone handling enquiries and booking new work.  Generally looking quite harassed and overworked – and always knowing they have to go back to the office to take care of their quotes and invoicing, getting frustrated with clients who haven’t paid their accounts and it’s generally after hours by this stage, so they have to find the time the next day – providing they dont forget about it entirely.

Xero allows on the go processing with their phone app.  Quotes & invoices can be generated and sent on the run, late payers can be checked up on and chased up between jobs. Imagine being able to knock off for the day and going home to spend time with your family, not in the home office doing the paperwork – because it’s already been taken care of during the day.

Xero makes life simple for the busy life of a tradesman, and paired with a good bookkeeper, they can feel secure knowing that their books are going to be up to date and the ATO won’t come knocking on their door.

If you’re a tradesman who needs a little help in managing your books, Contact Us today so we can work on customising a solution to make your life that little bit easier.  Our Tradesman Assistant packages start from just $165 a month.